Donor: EU
Budget: €31,000,000
TA: €2,034,000

Project Description:

The State of Chiapas, where the project is carried out, experiences an ever growing pressure on its natural resources (mainly in the 16 micro-regions of the Lacandona Forest) which especially affects indigeneous women and children and rural fields. Consequently, the project will pay special attention to the equality between men and women and the elaboration and implementation of literacy plans for children, particularly in the context of the local management and the government, as well as in the productive projects.

The global objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Fight against poverty in the beneficiary region;
  • Reduce the pressure on natural resources of Lacandona Forest and environmental degradation in the zone;
  • Reformulate and apply social development policies based on a participatory and viable territorial development;
  • Campaign of public awareness to foment the participation in social initiatives.

The specific objective that contributed to the accomplishment of the global objectives defined above were to introduce practical references models / best practice for sustainable, social and territorial development in the 16 micro-regions of Lacandona Forest in Chiapas State.

The expected results were the following:

  • Institutional Strengthening and incorporation into public policies of new practices; planning and participation for the sustainable territorial development;
  • Strategic systems of viable production with the introduction and dispersion in the region of strategic production systems for the development of the micro-regions to achieve the economical development and the integration of vulnerable people into the labour market decreasing the percentage of poor people;
  • Access to the information and methodological innovations: a series of pertinent and systematized information services have been made available to the institutions and social agents to help them in the process of decision making in the context of sustainable development.