Donor: Confederacion Hidrografica del Duero
Budget: 1,715,000 EUR

Project Description:

The project aimed to design and install an integrated system to control the quantity and quality of the water resources at the Duero river.

Eptisa provided Consultancy and Technical Assistance for the installation of a water resources control network as well as an Hydrological Information Automatic System.

Some of the key objectives of the implantation of the systems were to:

  • Enable forecast and adaptation for future situations;
  • Improve the exploitation of water resources;
  • Enable the collection of reliable and real-time data on the state of the water resources in the basin.

A general description of the drainage basin was carried out, and environmental objectives were clearly defined through an strategic environmental evaluation of the plan during the whole period.

Types of services provided:

  • Development of normative contents;
  • Economic analysis for the use of the water;
  • Creation of an information access system;
  • Public participation plan;
  • Real-time Data Gathering System;
  • GIS;
  • Training;
  • Flood prevention;
  • Water Quality Management.