Donor: EU – 10º EDF
Budget: 569,540 €

Project Description:

Within the framework of the support from the European Union to Haiti under the 10th EDF, a €4.5M support programme for the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has been implemented. The programme has two key elements:

  • Strengthening of MTI’s capacities, executed by the Ministry supported by a technical assistance team;
  • Strengthening of Haiti’s competitiveness, which is in turn divided into two elements executed respectively by the UNIDO and the Centre for the Development of Enterprise.

The main goal of the programme which this contract is part of is to improve the country’s integration into the regional and international exchange dynamic, as well as to capitalize on this integration in favour of the sustainable growth of its economy.

The specific goals of the contract are to strengthen the institutional capacities of the MTI when it comes to analyzing, developing, and implementing trade, industry, and competitiveness policies; to dynamise and consolidate the coordination between public and private stakeholders; and to ensure the coordination and implementation of the different trade agreements and commitments.

The results to be achieved by the service provider are as follows:

  • Result 1: The MTI’s capacities to coordinate political actions and trade strategies, and its leadership with respect to all stakeholders in the sector have been strengthened and legitimated.
  • Result 2: A tool for the follow-up and implementation of the commitments entered into within the framework of the European Partnership Agreement (EPA) and other trade agreements has been established at the MTI, and new trade negotiation strategies have been developed and adopted.
  • Result 3: The public-private dialogue that exists within the sectoral working groups and that is geared towards trade and investment strategic issues has been dynamised and consolidated under the guidance of the MTI.
  • Result 4: The MTI’s communication strategy, particularly towards the private sector, has been designed, and its communication tools have been improved.
  • Result 5: The MTI, the Office of the National Authorising Officer and the European Union Delegation have been supported in the management and implementation of the programme.

For more information about this project, please contact EPTISA’s Regional Office for Southeast Europe at: