Together for a better future


We provide a range of technical assistance to clients in both public and private sector from SEE countries, to improve their environmental management performance in the following fields:

  1. Institutional strengthening and capacity building of environmental authorities at all levels;
  2. Environmental policy, regulations, and enforcement;
  3. Environmental assessment and audit;
  4. Waste management (municipal solid waste, industrial and hazardous waste, etc.);
  5. Water resources management, RBM and flood control;
  6. Industrial pollution control and risk management;
  7. Air quality management;
  8. Soil pollution and soil remediation;
  9. Forestry, nature conservation and biodiversity;
  10. Regional and urban sustainable development;
  11. Environmental information, communication and public awareness;
  12. Environmental due-diligence.



EPTISA aims to provide global leadership in the development of new and improved interventions to prevent health problems associated with environmental factors.

We provide effective solutions across the following fields:

  1. Institutional strengthening and capacity building of health authorities and institutions;
  2. Strengthening and improving of the public health laboratory services;
  3. Health Financing;
  4. Health Policy Development;
  5. Legal and Regulatory Frameworks;
  6. Integrated Primary Health Care;
  7. Surveys and statistics;
  8. Health Information Systems;
  9. Quality Assurance;
  10. Health promotion and education.

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We are developing environmentally sound energy services to a wide range of clients in SEE which help alleviate poverty and support broader economic development.

Our fields of expertise comprise:

  1. Institutional strengthening and capacity building of different energy authorities in SEE;
  2. Development and implementation of energy strategies, policies and action plans;
  3. Approximation of energy legislation towards EU standards and Acquis Communautaire;
  4. Support in participation of relevant bodies/institutions in the EC mechanisms including Energy Community Treaty (EnCT);
  5. Energy economics;
  6. Design of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures and options;
  7. Design and implementation of different energy demonstration projects;
  8. Development of pre-feasibility and feasibility studies in the RES and EE sectors;
  9. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Options;
  10. Climate Change Policy Support.

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EPTISA has strong background in carrying out demanding projects related to agriculture, cadastre and land management.

We provide effective solutions across the following fields:

  1. Design and development of real estate registry and cadastral information system;
  2. Mapping: cartography, ortophoto and digital terrain model generation;
  3. Cadastre, land use and land regularisation;
  4. Design, development, update and implementation of a geographical information systems;
  5. Institutional strengthening and capacity building of agriculture, pshytosanitary and food safety authorities at all levels;
  6. Support to the approximation of national legislation to EU acquis in the area of food and agriculture.


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