Together for a better future

Founded in Spain in 1956, EPTISA is an international engineering, architecture, consulting, and information technology company, devoted to the provision of reliable services to a wide variety of clients, and carrying out complex projects in the fields of Transport Infrastructure, Water and Environment, Building and Architecture, Energy, Health, GIS and Information Technologies, and Socioeconomic Development and Public Administration Reform. 

With 135 million Euros incomes in the last year and projects in over 55 countries worldwide, EPTISA can fulfill the requirements of every public or private entity. At present, the company employs more than 1,800 professionals, with over 1,000 experts involved in international projects.

Our commitment to comprehensive, client-oriented services has made us a global player in the fields of infrastructure, water and environment, energy, residential and industrial construction, social, urban and rural development, health services, information technologies, etc. applying state-of-the-art technology in order to simultaneously advance towards sustainable development.

Our delegations and permanent offices with more than 300 professionals are supporting the realisation of our projects. EPTISA Regional Office for SEE is canalising EPTISA’s activities in the IPA (ex-CARDS) countries. Thanks to the expansion of our international activities and to the vast number of implemented projects, EPTISA also opened subsidiary firms in Bulgaria, Haiti, India, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine, each taking care of its particular market.

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