Together for a better future

Transport engineering is one of our main operating areas. We provide expertise for all phases of a project – from analysis, feasibility studies and planning to construction and management. Through an integral approach, we are able to develop durable, efficient and safe solutions.

Roads and highways represent one of our most important “techno-competencies”. The experience in works supervision and our specialised staff in roads and highways rehabilitation supervision, make our company a reference in the road sector. The introduction of the latest technologies has allowed us to reinforce our leadership in the sector by combining experience and innovation towards projects with high added value. We are actively involved in all phases of the most important projects, providing effective solutions for the following services:

  1. Studies, analysis and evaluation of environmental impact;
  2. Feasibility studies and transport master plans;
  3. Geological studies and materials testing;
  4. Preliminary and detailed designs;
  5. Traffic studies;
  6. Project management and administration of construction works contracts;
  7. Supervision of construction works of roads, railways, ports and airports;
  8. Technical assistance and quality control;
  9. Road safety engineering and audits;
  10. Institutional strengthening.

Works Supervision and Quality Control

Quality has been one of our main concerns since the very beginning. At present, Eptisa is a reference entity in quality control and inspection delivering the following services:

  1. Works management, control and supervision;
  2. Quality control;
  3. Supervision of performance and reception of installations;
  4. Technical and economic analysis of the feasibility of civil and industrial works;
  5. Inspection, control and monitoring of civil works;
  6. Certified construction laboratories;
  7. Quality control and assurance body
  8. Technical audits.


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