Together for a better future

Our Clients and Beneficiaries are our most precious asset. In order to be aligned with their objectives, EPTISA’s teams endeavor to build on a good relationship between all the parties involved in any project implementation. We also devote a great deal of time listening to and communicating with Beneficiaries. This approach reflects a core belief that Investment in People and Human Resources Development are absolutely vital in order to guarantee project sustainability.

Our portfolio of regular clients has grown as an addition to the range of services provided to public administrations and private companies in all the countries in Southeast Europe.

Nowadays, EPTISA is registered within and is working for the major IFIs and other International Organisations such as the European Commission (where in several occasions during the last years EPTISA ranked fist as the most successful contractor for EU-funded projects), the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Council of Europe Development Bank, and the Spanish Agency for International Co-operation and Development: