Donor: Ministry of Public Works
Budget: € 480,010

Project Description:

The Vasque Government Transport Department has placed the emphasis on the importance of safety along the railway lines. The removal of the grade crossings is an essential requirement to reach the standards of a higher safety level in the roads and railways framework. Following the Land Transport Law, the local and regional administrations were assigned to remove all the grade crossings, considering the budgeting restrictions.

The main objective of the project was to provide technical support to the Ministry of Public Works to analyse the characteristics of several grade crossings in the Basque country region and to draft the design of the measures and construction in order to remove them.

Activities carried out included:

  • Preliminary Studies, based on the level of risk, traffic flow analysis, geotechnical study, and feasibility analysis;
  • Conceptual design of the best solution for each grade crossing, based on technical, economical and environmental criteria;
  • Drafting of the construction projects;
  • Detailed design.