Donor: EBRD
Budget: 2,697,800 €

Project Description:

This project is funded by EBRD and aims at supporting the rehabilitation of the first section from Kumanovo to Beljakovce which used to be operational until mid-1996. The section starts at the northern end of Kumanovo station up to Beljakovce station, with a length of approximately 30.8 km. The Consultant will be engaged according to EBRD’s procurement policies and rules for consultancy services.

For the next 42 months, a strategically composed team of local and international engineers will be responsible for Construction supervision of Kumanovo-Beljakovce Section, acting as the Engineer and carrying out all regular duties required of the Engineer in the civil works conditions of contract and monitoring and reporting pursuant to the relevant Loan Agreement.

Specific activities carried out by EPTISA, among others, include:

•    Overall management and supervision of the works contract;
•    Administer the civil works contracts as the “Engineer” under the FIDIC Conditions of (Construction) Contract for Building and Engineering Works Designed by the Employer (1999);
•    Checking and approving the Contractors’ working and “as built” drawings;
•    Supervising the implementation of environmental mitigation works and environmental monitoring;
•    Issuing site instructions, variation orders, provisional sum orders and day works orders;
•    Overall project management and backstopping.

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