Donor: EU – IPA
Budget: 499,750 €

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to improve environmental protection through investments in environmental infrastructure, and create conditions for environment friendly sustainable development, with prevention of surface and underground waters pollution.

The expected results of the Project are:

The civil works that will be supervised by a team of engineers from EPTISA comprise:

  • Construction of 43 km of new sewer lines with pipe diameters from DN/ID 250 to DN/ID 400 for extension of the sewer network;
  • Construction of about 1260 sewer manholes;
  • Construction of about 2680 property connections;
  • Reinstatement of roads.

Specific activities carried out by Eptisa include:

  • Supervision of the timely and in good quality completion of all stages of the investment project, from the commencement date up to commissioning, tests on and after completion, taking over procedures, presentation of hand-over documentation, implementation of health, safety and environmental protection plan;
  • Administration and coordination of Works Contract, providing proper implementation of work programmes, achievement of the required quality, and all related parameters as defined in the Work Contract documents;
  • Analysing and approving the Plan and Program for construction works provided by the Works Contractor and realization the activities of the Project according the Plan;
  • Preparation and coordination of site and monthly progress meetings, with provision of minutes of these meetings
  • Maintaining of a continuous liaison with the Contracting Authority and the Beneficiary regarding the relevant information on matters related to works implementation, including ad hoc communication on a daily basis, etc.

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