Donor: World Bank
Budget: 182,079 USD

Project Description:

As a member of the Energy Community, Kosovo is focusing on energy efficiency as an important priority. Kosovo has passed new laws on Energy and Public Procurement in 2010 and a new Law on Energy Efficiency in 2011. One of the features of this proposed Law is the requirement for municipalities to develop energy efficiency (EE) action plans.

Despite these efforts, implementation of EE programs in the building sector has been sparse and of a small-scale nature. Significant market barriers prevent scaling-up efforts and realisation of the vast savings potential. They include among others, lack of data, low awareness of EE, lack of access to financing for EE investments, split/distorted incentives, and underdeveloped service and supply markets.

Therefore, the objective of this assignment is to design and develop a detailed program plan for the National Building EE Program.

Specific activities carried out by Eptisa include:

  • Market Assessment;
  • Barrier Analysis; and
  • Recommendations for Program Plan Design.

For detailed information about the project you can contact EPTISA Regional Office for SEE, at:

* EPTISA takes the neutral position vis a vis the political issues within the region of the Western Balkans. The designation is without prejudice to the positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of Independence