Donor: EU-IPA
Budget: 1,190,000 €

Project Description:

The overall project objective is to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Kosovo to prioritise, plan, and implement improvements to the water resources protection and the water management practises in accordance with the EU environmental acquis.

The purposes of this contract are to:

  • Support the Government of Kosovo, in particular the MESP and its Water Department, in development of a unified Kosovo Water Strategy, a Kosovo-wide Water Action and Investment Plan to guide planning, identification, prioritisation, and implementation of investments in the water resources sector;
  • Broaden the approximation of Kosovo’s practices and standards in the water resources sector with those of the EU Water Framework Directive, thus contributing to Kosovo’s progress in the accession process;
  • Consolidate the technical, institutional, and administrative capacity of the Water Department of the MESP and its line agencies to meet the monitoring and reporting standards of the WFD by improving the network for surface and groundwater monitoring and sampling;
  • Integrate the Water Action and Investment Plan into the evolving expenditure frameworks and management structure presiding over the sector.

The project consists of the following tasks:

  • Preparation of the draft water strategy with a 20-year timeframe in compliance with the EU WFD 2000/60/EC;
  • Developing a public information and consultation process involving all major stakeholders in the water sector;
  • Preparation of Water Action and Investment plan;
  • Developing a methodology for prioritising and phasing investments in water supply  and wastewater infrastructure;
  • Developing a lists of priority projects to be implemented in the short,  medium, and longer term time horizon;
  • Assisting the MESP in preparing and publishing appropriate maps using ArcGIS software and training of WD/RBDU staff in GIS mapping;
  • Delivery of training, and capacity building activities on water resources management and monitoring, WMIS, etc.;
  • Increasing Private Sector Participation in water and wastewater utilities;
  • Raising public awareness in the water resources protection.