Donor: The World Bank Group
Client: Sava Commission
Budget: 300,000 €

The overall objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to improve the quality and effectiveness of joint flood and drought management and forecasting capacities in the SRB. This particular project’s component aims at fostering cooperation among the countries which share the Sava RB through preparation of the Sava FRMP. Sava FRMP shall ensure a coordinated planning of measures and support the implementation of joint activities of the countries cooperating in SRB aimed at creating the conditions for sustainable flood protection in the basin. It will define priority measures having in mind population, economic activities including infrastructure, environment and cultural heritage, in accordance with the EU water acquis. Sava FRMP shall ensure that the principle of solidarity and the “no harm rule” are taken into account, so that measures planned for the territory of one country may not, by their magnitude or impact, significantly increase the flood risk on the territory of another country. The purpose of this contract is to provide support and technical assistance to the ISRBC and the beneficiary countries in flood risk management in the Sava River Basin.

The following results have to be achieved:

  • Prepared Sava FRMP, including Summary of Measures with all its related components and accompanying documents (in accordance with the Program). This Plan should be established in close coordination with the ISRBC, its Secretariat and PEG FP as the leading body inside the Commission for preparation of the Sava FRMP.
  • Carried on public participation process.
  • A follow-up strategy which would set out proposals for priority activities (draft work program) for the SRB to guide the work of ISRBC and FASRB Parties from the first to the second Sava FRMP (due for 2021), including further data collection activities and implementation of the measures, to be developed.