Eptisa Regional Office for SEE celebrated its 3-year anniversary on March 27, 2008, in Belgrade, Serbia.




The first official celebration gathered large number of representatives of the donor community, governmental agencies, institutions, business sector, international organisations, as well as friends and collaborators of Eptisa Regional Office for SEE.

Mr. Gerardo Roiz de la Parra, Managing Director of Eptisa, welcomed the guests and expressed his satisfaction with Eptisa’s achievements in Serbia and the region, while Mr. Alvaro Diez Santaclara, Head of Eptisa Regional Office thanked all partners, clients and collaborators for their support, expressing high determination to work more intensively and help Serbia and countries in the region entering the EU.

Throughout this period, Eptisa has established good co-operation and networks with high qualified public institutions and private organizations, providing high quality and professional support in the planning, the implementation and the evaluation of local and regional development projects. Currently, Eptisa implement projects in each country of the region, including various specialty areas such as: environmental engineering, transport infrastructure, health, environmental management, socio-economic development, public administration reform, etc.

We are and we will continue to provide services of the maximum quality. Our clients satisfaction continues to be high and they are placing their trust more and more in our organisation. Thus, we have the obligation to do everything we can to continue developing and improving our services to respond to their expectations in the countries of the region we work in.