EPTISA, together with HKV Consultants (the Netherlands) and the local partner Institute for Water Management Bijeljina, has secured contract on the EU-funded Technical Assistance for development of the hydrological flood forecasting system for Sava River Basin (Phase 1. Bosna River) project.

Through the project objectives, Eptisa is entrusted to support the development of integrated flood risk management in BiH along with the implementation of measures of the Action Plan for flood protection and river management, through consistent and coordinated development and implementation of cutting edge tools and technologies for flood forecasting and strengthening capacities of Hydro-Meteorological Services (HMSs) and Water Agencies in BiH.

The project will provide Bosnia and Herzegovina with the following:

  • Assessment Report on legal, institutional, organisational, financial and technical environment, issues and gaps, as well as data availability and systems at HMSs.
  • Logical and physical database model for new and historic meteorological and hydrological data collections.
  • Fully operational tools and services for online and offline data and metadata acquisition, quality and quantity control, database feed, post-processing and reporting.
  • Fully operational hydrological and hydrodynamic models and real time hydrological flood forecasting system for Bosna River are established.
  • Training of staff of the two Hydro-meteorological services (HMSs), AVP Sava and PI VS, to use and manage the Hydrological Flood Forecasting System (HFFS) for Bosna River.
  • An Exit Strategy for continuation and sustainability of the project results with implementation plan and tentative budget for optimisation of the hydro-meteorological observation network for flood forecasting at Entity level, as well as recommendations for further enhancement and improvements (based on the gaps identified in Result 1).
  • Integrated two HMSs.