The new road is part of the Pan-European Corridor X and consists of 60 kilometers of dual carriageway with a total construction value of 600 million Euro.

Despite its national and international importance, nowadays very few of the sections of the Corridor X in Serbia are dual carriageways, hindering the economic development in the region and increasing the number of casualties due to traffic accidents. In order to solve this situation and to assure the completion of the missing sections, the Government of Serbia inked several loans with different International Financial Institutions and set up the Public Company Koridor X Doo, entrusted with the coordination of the design and construction of several sections along the

As part of this programme for the modernisation of the Corridor X, a consortium led by EPTISA, and composed by SAFEGE and IRD Engineering, has recently won a tender organised by the World Bank aiming to provide supervision services for all the works contracts in connection with the construction of the new highway E80 in Serbia. The contract has a value of 8.5 million Euro and the overall value of the construction works is estimated at 600 million Euro to be financed by the EIB, the EBRD and the WB.

Thanks to this contract, for the next four years a team of local and international engineers of EPTISA will supervise the works performed by several international contractors working in nine different works contracts in the section Dimitrovgrad – Prosek, all the way to the border with Bulgaria. The road, that will become a crucial part of the main transit road from Central Europe to Turkey, consists of 60 kilometers and includes 43 bridges and viaducts, 4 tunnels, and 3 interchanges.

This is the second contract for EPTISA in connection to the supervision of works for the construction of the Corridor X in Serbia. The company is nowadays successfully working on the EU-funded Works Supervision for the Belgrade Bypass. This section of the road will link up the Belgrade-Budapest, Belgrade-Zagreb and Belgrade-Nis highways, thus avoiding traffic having to enter the city centre. With a budget of €173 million, it consists of ten kilometres of dual carriageway.

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