In this decade the company has successfully implemented over a hundred projects financed by the main International Financing Institutions, positioning itself as one of the leading consulting and engineering firms in each of the countries in the Western Balkans

It was back in March 2005 when EPTISA established its Regional Office for Southeast Europe with its sit in Belgrade. In these 10 years we have had the privilege to learn a lot from our partners, beneficiaries, and colleagues and we remain extremely grateful for that.

Serbia was the country where we saw our first awarded contract, right after the opening of our Regional Office: “Strengthening the Services of the Public Health Laboratories”, financed by the European Union and managed by the always-remembered-with-nostalgia European Agency for Reconstruction. In the following years and up to now, we inked our signature in other 115 contracts in all the 7 countries covered by our Regional Office. 116 assignments for the most important donors and active IFIs in the region. 116 projects implemented with maximum enthusiasm and where we tried to give our best at all levels.


EPTISA Regional Office for Southeast Europe can claim having participated in very important assignments in the region. We have covered all the possible subsectors in the consulting and engineering domain: transport infrastructure, environmental management, building and architecture, public administration reform, development of information systems, integrated water resources management, support to the implementation of grant schemes in social sectors, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and a large etcetera. It is difficult to highlight the most important projects where we have contributed but, certainly, some of them represent very essential references in our track record, such as:

  1. The Municipal Infrastructure Programme in Serbia, financed by the European Union;
  2. The Technical Assistance to the Regional Housing Programme, managed by the Council of Europe Development Bank;
  3. The Supervision During the Construction Works of the Road E80 in Serbia, financed by the World Bank;
  4. The Technical Assistance for the Management of the IPA/Structural Funds Operational Programme in Croatia, financed by the European Union;
  5. The Supervision for the Water and Sanitation Project in Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina), financed by the European Investment Bank;
  6. The Supervision of the Railways Corridor VIII in the Republic of Macedonia, funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
  7. The Support to the Ministry of Environment in Montenegro, managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction;
  8. The Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Antidiscrimination Policies in Serbia, EU-funded; or
  9. The Supervision of Secondary and Local Roads in Albania, co-financed by the EBRD, the EIB and the KfW.

Being fully aware of how essential is to be as close as possible to our clients and partners, in 2012 and 2013 we set up additional subsidiary companies in Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2014 EPTISA continued its expansion in the region with the opening of an office in Montenegro. Now, and completing the network of country offices, we are working in the set-up of EPTISA Illyria, covering the territories of Albania and Kosovo. The new companies and branches coordinate all the commercial efforts and undertake the project management and quality control for all the assignments implemented by EPTISA in these countries.

We can proudly say that we are nowadays the working place for 50 permanent and very qualified employees and for more than 300 local and international consultants, representing over 30 different nationalities. This, our people, is certainly our biggest asset. Many challenges had to be faced together.

In this our 10th anniversary in the region, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. It is in this spirit that we say thanks a million to our partners, clients, experts, beneficiaries and to any other individual or institution that has made all this feasible. We can only look forward to at least another ten years of such a positive and valuable co-operation.

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