The project ‘Implementation of the Water Management Information System’ financed by the EU aimed to assist Serbia to fulfil its many reporting obligations in the field of integrated water resources management.

During the last two years a multi-disciplinary team of experts from EPTISA, the Danish Hydraulic Institute and the Institute for Water Resources “Jaroslav Cerni” have designed and implemented a fully operational and tailor made Water Management Information System (WMIS) for the Republic of Serbia. The System, based on state-of-the-art GIS technologies and finalised according to schedule and within the budget of 2 million Euros, received the approval from the Delegation of the European Commission to the Republic of Serbia and from the direct beneficiaries of the project, the Directorate for Waters at the Ministry of Agriculture and the Public Water Companies “Srbijavode” and “Vode Vojvodine”.

Thanks to this project, the Republic of Serbia has now a tool that will contribute to the improvement of the protection of its water resources and therefore of the overall public health in the country. Besides, the System will strengthen the capacity of all the involved institutions to manage the water resources in accordance with the provisions of the EU Water Framework Directive.

EPTISA’s team designed a System aiming to provide improved access to information and data on water resources to all the stakeholders and to the general public. During the implementation, the project team also took into consideration the fact that the tool should also facilitate the fulfilment of the numerous obligations that the Republic of Serbia has undertaken under several water related international conventions, like the Danube River Protection Convention (ICPDR) and the Sava Convention.

Last but not least, the Team paid particular attention to usability, to user training and to the transfer of know-how to the beneficiaries’ staff, so that the System can be sustained, maintained and updated on a regular basis and without the assistance of external consultants.

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