Through a project “Business Environment Technical Assistance Project – BETA, Municipal Business Centers” financed by the World Bank

The project will be implemented in association with Pohl Consulting & Associates and Altair with the budget of 705,240 EUR.

The project aims at achieving its objectives through the establishment of Municipal Business Centers (MBCs) – based on the one-stop shop concept – that will integrate implementation of enterprise regulations, guidelines, and required services in municipalities in Kosovo and will become a focal point for interactions with businesses.

The MBC will thus integrate the businesses’ interactions with various registrations, licensing and other bodies into a single point of contact based on a streamlined approach that allows to limit duplication and corruption by reducing the number of officials interacting directly with entrepreneurs.

The idea of setting up one-stop shops at municipal level is based on the recognition that municipalities in Kosovo (as part of their mandate) should assume responsibility for fostering local economic development, improving investment climate and for responding to the appeals of the business community, which will, in turn, benefit the community as a whole.