For the next 36 months the company will provide all kinds of engineering services for the development of socio-economic infrastructure in several municipalities across Kosovo.

EPTISA’s Regional Office for Southeast Europe has recently been awarded a new project that aims to improve selected social and economic infrastructures in several municipalities in Kosovo. With an overall budget of 1,250,000 Euro and funded by the IPA programme from the European Union, the project will improve municipal services to all sectors of the communities with particular emphasis on ensuring that minorities and the disadvantaged are able to access these services more easily in future.

During next 36 months, EPTISA will focus on three main sectors of the local infrastructure:

  • Socio – economic development (schools, kindergarten, health services, sports and youth facilities);
  • Infrastructure (roads, municipal buildings);
  • Environment (Water supply and sewerage system).

The total value of the programme is approximately €13,000,000 and the indicative value of each project will be €500,000. Implementation of the projects will be carried out by the European Commission under the EC procurement procedures.

A team of international and local experts of EPTISA will be involved at all stages of the project implementation, including assisting the municipalities to prepare their project bids, developing the detailed design and technical specifications for the successful projects, providing support in the implementation and supervising the construction works until the handover and final acceptance of the completed projects.

For more information about this project, please contact EPTISA Regional Office for Southeast Europe at