The 6th Regional Conference “Environment for Europe – EnE10”, an official UNEP event for the World Environment Day, organised by “Environmental Ambassadors” and Serbian Chamber of Commerce was held in Belgrade from 7 – 8 June, 2010.

The Conference aimed at presenting and exchanging viewpoints, experiences and challenges regarding “green education” and “green economy”, was attended by high-level Government Officials, the Ambassadors from EU countries, as well as representatives from the business sector, academic institutions, and NGOs.

Sixth year in a row, EPTISA was honored to support this event, promote the sustainable development and share its experiences and contribution to the protection of the environment and to the promotion of environmental values in the region.

In the opening session of the conference, Mr. Alvaro Diez Santaclara, Director of EPTISA Regional Office for SEE made a short presentation on the importance of green economy and sustainability leadership. Mr. Diez emphasized that each sector of the economic activity should recognize its responsibility and undertake appropriate steps in order to alleviate its negative impact and maintain the balance between the growth and natural resources.

Specifically, Mr. Diez recognised that governments should aim to create a regulatory framework that promotes the sustainable development and the protection of their natural resources, and that the third sector has to play its role in the promotion of activities intended to preserve the natural heritage. He pointed out the importance of the involvement of mass media in increasing the environmental awareness as well as the academic sector in recognising the importance of research that lead to innovation and developing the education for environmental values  meeting the challenges of the 21st century’s growth.

Apart from giving support to this kind of events, since 2005 EPTISA Regional Office for SEE has participated in more than 50 different projects that aimed to improve the human capacities and the institutional and legal framework for a proper protection of the environment. The company has also provided its know how in assignments meant to create the necessary infrastructures for the production of green energy and for the protection of the region´s natural resources.