Its Regional Office for SEE will prepare the design and tender documents for a new WWTP and sewerage system in Prilep, a city with 65,000 inhabitants.

EPTISA Regional Office for Southeast Europe, in a consortium with the German company CES, has just been awarded a new contract in the FYR of Macedonia. The project is entitled “Technical Assistance for the Preparation of the Investment Project for Wastewater Collection and Treatment in Prilep” and is funded by the IPA Programme from the European Union.

The existing drainage network in Prilep was designed in 1973 and its construction was carried out in the 1970’s and 1980’s, covering now approximately 70% of the population. Nowadays there is no wastewater treatment and all the domestic and industrial sewage is currently discharged untreated into the Prilepska river, causing a serious damage in the quality of the waters and a potential danger in the overall public health.

The main objective of this 800,000 Euro contract is to achieve a wastewater quality level that complies with the EU Directives related to wastewater collection and treatment. In order to achieve this, for the next twelve months, a group of Macedonian and international engineers will assist the local authorities and the water utility in the preparation of the design and tender documents for the rehabilitation and extension of the sewerage network and for the construction of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant for the city of Prilep (95,000 P.E.).

This contract is the third assignment that EPTISA implements in this young republic in the Western Balkans.

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