EPTISA Southeast Europe d.o.o. signs a new EU-funded contract for project “Support to the Establishment of the Natura 2000 Network for Montenegro”, with allocated budget of 1,290,000 €. The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the identification and establishment of Natura 2000 network, focusing on the conservation of the ecologically most valuable and most endangered species of animals, plants and habitats, including birds, as required by relevant provisions of the EU Nature Directives. As the establishment of the Natura 2000 network is one of the closing benchmarks for chapter 27 it is important to move forward with this complex task steadily.

Over the next 36 months EPTISA will provide support in relation to increased institutional administrative capacity for implementing and enforcing the environmental EU acquis in the field of nature protection.

The project’s main Beneficiaries are the Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development and Northern Region Development (hereinafter: Ministry) and the Environment Protection Agency (hereinafter: EPA). For this project, the role of the Ministry and EPA will be complementary.

For more information about EPTISA and its operation in Southeast Europe, please visit https://www.eptisasee.com.