The company has been working in BiH ever since 1999 and in this assignment its staff will provide support to selected municipalities in the development of large scale bankable energy saving projects and in the implementation of low cost energy demonstration schemes.

fuzzygreenhouseA consortium led by EPTISA has recently been awarded with a new project in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) entitled “Technical Support to Meet the Requirements of the Energy Community Treaty for South East Europe with a Particular Focus on Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energies”.  The project has an allocated budget of 2.5 million Euro, entirely funded by the European Union’s Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA).

The overall objective of the project is to assist in the reform of the energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to create a country-wide energy market integrated into the region and into the European Union, and in line with the commitments to the Energy Community Treaty, the Energy Charter Treaty, the Kyoto Protocol and all other aspects of the Acquis Communautaire relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy sustainability.

A multidisciplinary team of highly qualified experts from EPTISA will intensively work on addressing the policy and legal gaps for EE and renewable energy in BiH by supporting the implementation of pilot measures and capacity building at a local level (within specific municipalities), providing models for implementation and replication in other municipalities and raising awareness about the potential for practical implementation of EE and renewable energy measures at all levels.

Hence, during the next 24 months, EPTISA’s team will work on four different project components. First of all, energy audits will be undertaken in several municipalities and multiple low cost demonstration projects on EE will be designed and implemented; secondly, the expert team will develop training courses and materials covering EE, renewable energy, energy audit and energy tariffs, calculation of financial returns and payback periods, and preparation of bankable documents; thirdly, a Public Education Strategy and Action Plan will be designed and implemented aiming to increase the level of public awareness on EE issues; last but not least, the team will address the gaps in the Bosnian legislation to meet the Acquis Communautaire in the field of EE and renewable energy, taking into account the specific international commitments of BiH.

EPTISA has been working in BiH ever since 1999, having implemented 13 different assignments mainly in relation to the water and environment sectors, both at institutional and technical levels.

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