A multidisciplinary team of experts will give support to the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees and related institutions in enhancement of monitoring, reporting and promotion of human rights and to improve social protection of the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged groups

A Consortium composed by EPRD (leading company), EPTISA, Bolt International Consulting and Wojewodzki Urzad Pracy, has been awarded a 1.758.00,00 Euros contract in Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the project titled: “Support to the Social services providers and enhancement of the monitoring capacities”.

Paper chain family held in cupped handsThe project purpose is to develop a generic model (best practice model) to assist elderly and disabled persons, and to support the establishment of two mobile teams that will be providing the assistance to the two categories of beneficiaries as well as to strengthen primarily the capacities of the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees (MHRR) and other institutions responsible for collecting data on human rights protection in BiH.

The project will therefore assist the BiH authorities in revising the existing secondary legislation and drafting the missing bylaws and regulations, which will improve the provision of social services. The project will also provide capacity-building to local authorities in managing social inclusion policies, and to social services providers to design community-based social inclusion initiatives in line with the identified local needs through building local partnerships and stronger cross-sectorial networking.

The key activities within the project are:

  • Support to social welfare legislation reforms in the entities and Brcko District.
  • Strengthening of the system for monitoring the access to rights of vulnerable groups in BiH.
  • Strengthening of the capacities of MHRR and other institutions involved in improving the protection of vulnerable groups and promotion of human rights in BiH.
  • Strengthening of the social welfare centres in pilot areas, to deliver effective social services, with special focus on assistance to elderly persons.
  • Technical strengthening of the capacities in MHRR and social services providers.

The team of the experts will support, during two years, the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve their social protection of the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged groups, and to enhance monitoring, reporting and promotion of human rights.

The Contracting Authority is the European Union, represented by its Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, on behalf of and for the account of the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more information about this project, please contact EPTISA Regional Office for Southeast Europe at eptisasee@eptisa.com.