The project, financed by the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA), will allow EPTISA to make its contribution to respond to an urgent need to fight long-term unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the highest in the South-eastern European Region

The Regional Office for Southeast Europe of EPTISA, as a partner in a consortium led by the Polish company EPRD, has recently been awarded with a new contract in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a project entitled “Institutional and Capacity Building in the Employment Sector in BiH”. The European Union had allocated 2.5 million Euro for this intervention that aims to improve the institutional capacity of the labour market management institutions and the employment services at national, entity and sub-entity levels, strengthening their human capacities and eventually facilitating that the labour market works effectively.

During the next two years, a group of experts from EPTISA will provide technical support and expert advice in adopting the an employment strategy in line with EU standards, programming active labour market measures in consultation with the Social and Economic Councils at entity level, and improving the employment service delivery at the local level.

In particular, the emphasis of the assignment will be on the improvement of the institutional capacities of labour market management institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this regard, the expert team will offer a wide range of activities, such as establishing an effective labour market management system at all levels, developing tools and methodologies for carrying out labour market analysis and for identifying flows and transitions in the labour market, developing approaches for identifying key target groups for active labour market measures, strengthening the budgetary process in institutions at all government levels, improving employment service delivery at local employment offices level, and strengthening the capacities of the staff at the employment services at all levels. All these activities will respond to an urgent need in Bosnia and Herzegovina to combat long-term unemployment, which has reached a peak and affects mainly unskilled and low skilled persons.

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