The study tour to be organised by EPTISA in the second week of March 2010 has the objective to enhance the capacities of the staff of the Ministry of Energy and Mining with emphasis to their Energy Community Treaty responsibilities.

The Goals of the Program are to establish relationships with counterparts in other countries, to develop an understanding of the process followed by the Member States to comply with EC regulations and lessons learned, to provide knowledge about the EU competitive power market, and discuss options for market design and market opening.

Key authorities from the energy sector and EPTISA’s project staff will have the opportunity to visit the Directorate of Energy in Slovenia, Environmental Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, Regional Market Operator (BSP), Slovenian Energy Agency, Austrian E-Control and finally, Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna.

The study tour is fully prepared and managed by EPTISA with financial support of the European Union, within the project “Assistance to the Ministry of Energy and Mining in Kosovo”.