Donor: EU
Budget: €12,800,000
TA: €1,180,000

Project Description:

The main objective of the project is the public administration support for the improvement of public security by decreasing the measures of risk and, on the other hand, to develop social assistance to the people.

The development of the project focuses on six main activities:

  • Institutional Strengthening of the main ministries involved in this sector, articulating the relationships between public, private and mixed organisations;
  • Development of public information campaigns focused to disseminate information on new leadership structures and values to the juvenile public;
  • Employment and labour workshops for people in difficult situations aiming to reduce unemployment rates;
  • Improvement of young people education. Elaboration of a new education offer thought actions involving children, teenagers, teachers and family of the vulnerable groups, focusing in their social inclusion;
  • Integration of juvenile criminals into the social community through the participation of these young criminals in specific educational programmes;
  • Implementation of public information campaigns to make society aware of the problem of juvenile delinquency and young gangs.