Donor: EU
Budget: 1,489,730 EUR

Project Description:

The overall objective of this Technical Assistance is to provide strategic and operational support to the Project Management Unit to facilitate the achievement of the expected project outcomes:

  • Contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of Bolivia’s mining regions;
  • Generate job opportunities in Bolivia’s mining regions by developing the artisanal mining sector and by diversifying economic activity taking into account social and environmental responsibility;
  • Promote initiatives, in accordance with national and sectoral policy and local development plans, to improve work, competitiveness and environmental conditions, in the cooperative and artisanal mining sector and in alternative sectors of the mining regions of La Paz, Potos and Oruro;
  • Set up of a mining school to contribute to the improvement of the quality of the mining sector work force.

Activities carried out:

  • Strategic advice and support to the Ministry of Mining and Metallurgy and the Project Management Unit (PMU) on all aspects related to the successful implementation of the project, and most specifically to achieve the project’s main goal: to generate employment opportunities in Bolivia’s mining regions;
  • Support to the PMU transferring knowledge on lessons learned and acquired best practices on the execution of other projects in the mining sector and also taking into account complementary actions to contribute the achievement of the project’s goals;
  • Support to the Ministry of Mining and Metallurgy, through the Coordination Committee, on its leading role of multi-sector interventions in the mining regions, Support to the PMU on the implementation of planning, monitoring and evaluation instruments with clear and adequate indicators and procedures;
  • Support to the PMU on the application of EU procedures, especially in the management of budget-programmes and subsidy funds.