Donor: Ministry of Public Works of Spain
Budget: € 2,130,083

Project Description:

The project comprised the detailed engineering service, namely works supervision and technical assistance during the construction works, including financialm as well as technical aspects, material supply activities of the newly-constructed high-speed railway access to the eastern part of Spain (The section Cheste – Aldaya).

Types of services provided:

  • Project elaboration including all technical specifications;
  • Feasibility study;
  • Socio-economic impact study;
  • Technical supervision of the works execution;
  • Period and budgeting control;
  • Geometrical control;
  • Qalitative and quantitative control;
  • Project changes redaction and complementary projects;
  • Technical assistance to the works management in several sections;
  • Inspection and supervision for the construction works;
  • Technical Assistance to the Works Direction Unit;
  • Quality Control and Materials Assessment;
  • Quantitative control of works;
  • Surveillance in the fulfillment of safety and health restrictions;
  • Issuance of variation orders, advice on claims and other contract matters.