Donor: Municipality of Madrid
Budget: € 2,802,618

Project Description:

EPTISA undertook the overall Supervision of Works and Quality Control of used material during the construction of a 4,227 meter-long three-lane tunnel section that connected Paseo de Santa Maria de la Cabeza with the M-30 in the north of Conde de Casal and also with the A-3 road to Valencia.

Types of services provided:

  • Technical assistance during supervision of works;
  • Day-to-day construction supervision in compliance with Spanish national legislation (similar to FIDIC conditions of contract);
  • Supervision and qualitative follow-up of the works and the constructor’s quality assurance plan: qualitative and geometrical exterior control of the quality and quantitative control of executed works;
  • Development and monitoring of the quality control plan of the work and materials, related to installations, system, facilities;
  • Laboratory testing of earthworks, pavement and concrete;
  • Measurements conducted in accordance to quantities, specific works implemented, Contract Unit prices, including all labour and material for work completion;
  • Control and acceptance of works including control if material fulfilled required quality, as well as if execution of works is in accordance with given description and with requirements relating to production, transport and material quality criterions;
  • Drafting the technical reports concerning Supervision of Works and Quality Control.