Donor: Private
Budget: € 2,540,000

Project Description:

The project included consulting services, profit engineering and execution management for the World Trade Center Hotel complex in Barcelona at a total surface of 19,885 m2 (214,040 sq.ft). The project’s main services included: gym, private club, hairdresser, indoor swimming pool, ball room, private suits, parking lot.

The project included the following tasks:

  • Works supervision;
  • Complete structural design and on-site supervision of the hotel structure;
  • Complete detail engineering of the structures, the final statical calculations, construction system studies;
  • Documentation for planning and building permissions, liaison with building authorities;
  • Follow-up of the works and the constructors quality assurance plan;
  • Surveillance and control in the fulfillment of safety and health restrictions.

Overall project value was estimated at 36,421,300

World_Trade_Center_Hotel          World_Trade_Center_Hotel_2