Donor: CFCU; Ministry of Public Finance
Budget: € 1,200,000

Project Description:

The overall objectives of the project were to increase road safety in Romania, improve the traffic safety and living environment in Bucharest and in localities crossed by the national roads, and improve the road safety on the road sections outside localities affected by significant number of accidents.

Types of services provided within the project included:

  • Inception activities (Collection of the accident data for the locations, meetings, etc.);
  • Road Safety Inspections and selection of final locations and measures (Preparatory works, systematic field studies, interviews with local administations, selection of final locations and measures);
  • Determination of optimal road safety measures (Effects on the road safety, consequences for the traffic quality, construction costs and time, acquisition of land, effects on the environment);
  • Preparation of decisions;
  • Detailed Design (Review of the feasibility studies for 20 projects, preparation of ful detailed designs, engineering plans and reports, technical specifications, bills of quantities, selection of the appropriate FIDIC contract type, etc.);
  • Elaboration of tender documents;
  • Road safety campaign.