Donor: Spanish Agency for International Co-operation
Budget: € 219,900

Project Description:

The overall aim of this project is to support the “Agency for watershed of Adriatic Sea Mostar” in the implementation of a Decision Support System for sustainable flood management, in order to enhance preparedness planning, response and recovery with emphasis on flood prediction and monitoring, emergency, response and public involvement. Therefore, it is necessary to develop essential mechanisms/tools that will allow analyzing different operation protocols of the existing reservoirs for defence against flood events, which have to be verified using a hourly scales model (48 hours – 72 hours).

The project includes the following activities:

  • Analysis and processing of available data from the existing rainfall and hydrological gauges;
  • Compilation, analysis and processing of new available information from the existing data and software application in the “Agency for watershed of Adriatic Sea-Mostar”;
  • Hydrological model;
  • Hydraulic model;
  • Operation of the reservoirs; and
  • Decision-Making software application.