Donor: Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works
Budget: € 700,000

Project Description:

The main objective of the project was to ensure the implementation and enforcement of the Framework Directive on Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) through the elaboration and implementation of a Joint Air Quality Management Programme (JAQMP) for the Boundary Bulgarian-Romanian Region along Lower Danube, including short-term action plans for 4 community areas along the Lower Danube (Nikopol, Svishtow, Rousse and Silistra).

Types of services provided within the project included, among others:

  • Institutional strengthening: Training programme and dissemination of basic knowledge;
  • Analysis of Air Quality and Meteorological Data Background;
  • Report on air quality assessment (according EC Directives) for the Lower Danube River Region;
  • Elaboration of a list of emission reduction measures suitable for industrial plants, private households and transportation;
  • Recommendatory Report on supplementary air quality monitoring in the Lower Danube River Region.