Donor: EU – PHARE
Budget: €599,955

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project was to strengthen the ability of the environmental inspectors and environmental policy makers in the beneficiary countries to implement and enforce EU environmental legislation through their participation in activities of the IMPEL and ECENA networks.

The objectives of the project were to:

  • Better understanding in the beneficiary countries of the steps needed to improve implementation/enforcement of environmental acquis;
  • Well-trained inspectors, better capable of performing their tasks in implementing and enforcing specific parts of environmental acquis;
  • Exchange the best practice in implementation and enforcement of environmental law with the EU Member States as well as the candidate/pre-candidate countries from SEE.

Types of services provided within the project included:

  • Support to enforcement and implementation of EU environmental acquis;
  • Better understanding of the problems and potential solutions related to implementation and enforcement of EU environmental acquis;
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building of environmental management administrations;
  • Organisation of training programmes for environmental inspectorates at regional and local level;
  • Provision of experts’ advice and logistics in support of the participation in ECENA and IMPEL activities.