Donor: European Commission – CFCA
Budget: 4,499,500 EUR

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to prepare the Croatian public administration for Croatia’s effective participation in the EU Cohesion Policy. The purpose of this contract is to enhance the capacity of all relevant stakeholders to prepare high quality projects/schemes for Structural/Cohesion Fund(s) and ensure timely and efficient management of such projects/schemes.

The contract will be implemented through three components:

A) Project pipeline preparation

  • Infrastructure projects will enclose projects in the field of environment, transport and regional development. There will be two types of projects identified under this sub-component: major projects already listed as indicative projects in the Environment OP, Transport OP or Integrated Regional Development OP; and infrastructure projects of lower value but significant for the regional development in Croatia selected through an open and transparent competitive procedure;
  • Grant schemes will target the preparation of grant schemes that will be identified in the Integrated Regional Development OP, Human Resources Development OP and Economic Competitiveness OP;

B) Capacity building

  • Beneficiaries of the large infrastructure projects: improving skills in preparation of infrastructure tender dossiers and all the accompanying technical documentation (cost-benefit analysis, environmental impact assessment, feasibility study, budget etc), management of infrastructure contracts in accordance with the FIDIC rules;
  • Managing Authorities and Intermediate bodies in charge of the preparation of grant schemes: improving skills to fully prepare grant schemes for their launch for the potential beneficiaries, to carry out tendering, evaluation, contracting and supervision of grant schemes, and to organise the work with assessors;
  • Potential beneficiaries of grant schemes: enhance ability to prepare good grant applications and ensure sound management of the awarded contracts.
  • Project promoters: enhance skills to provide future support to the county authorities, business sector or other potential applicants in the preparation of grant applications and their technical management.

C) Development of investment strategy for the water management sector:

The strategy will serve as a background for the pipeline of projects that Croatia should undertake to implement the provisions of the Urban Waste Water Directive and Drinking Water Directive.

For more details about specific tasks and activities of the project you can contact: Mr. Alvaro Diez, Project Director, at: