Donor: EU – IPA
Budget: 1,075,250 €

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to implement environmental acquis for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) procedure at regional/local level in Croatia, in particular for the big cities and selected local communities according to criteria from Directive 2001/42/EC.

The purposes of the project are:

  • Assessment of SEA/EIA legal framework, analysis of the relevant institutional development in Croatia and analysis of the current training and existing capacities needs;
  • Development of capacities for SEA at regional/local level through conduction of various trainings for officers involved in SEA procedures at regional and local level, including preparation of draft and final training modules;
  • Development of guidelines and manuals for implementing the SEA procedure at regional and local level.

Project components:

  • Component 1: The component is focused on the current situation analysis in respect of the SEA Directive transposition and institutional infrastructure, including the current education and training needs;
  • Component 2: Preparing training material based on the EU experiences and current practices, organising and conducting training for two target groups, employees of the competent administrative authorities for environmental protection and administrative departments in counties and in the City of Zagreb;
  • Component 3: The component is focused on the preparation of SEA guidelines and manuals based on the available SEA guidelines and training experiences in the EU Member States.

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