Donor: SIDA
Client:  Embassy of Sweden, Kosovo
Budget: 3,428,274 €

Project Description:

The project is designed to contribute to improving the environmental conditions in Kosovo with the following specific objectives:

  1. To develop the capacity of the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, the Inter-Ministerial Water Council, municipalities, civil society and other stakeholders in environmental monitoring and management.
  2. To develop the capacity for implementation of environmental legislation, in compliance with EU directives.
  3. To enhance the knowledge of Kosovo’s water resources and develop capacity for their improved management, and enhance resilience to environmental and climate change.
  4. To enhance knowledge and protection of biodiversity and develop capacity for improved management of transboundary protected areas.

The Program consists of eight technical components:

  1. Strengthening Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency’s (KEPA) capacity for environmental monitoring, assessment and reporting;
  2. Conservation of bio-diversity through Red Book of animal species in Kosovo;
  3. Strengthening the management of trans-boundary natural areas;
  4. Establishment of groundwater monitoring network in Kosovo;
  5. Strengthening capacity for implementation of environmental legislation at central and local level.
  6. Groundwater investigation in Drini River Basin;
  7. River basin management plan for Drini River Basin;
  8. Support to Inter-Ministerial Water Council (IMWC) through short-term mandates.