Donor: EU – IPA 2011
Budget:  1,554,800 €

Project Description:

Overall objective of the project is to implement Law on Prohibition of Discrimination, as well as other human and minority rights, equality and non­ discrimination standards. The project purpose is to provide technical assistance to the Office of Human and Minority Rights and other key institutions both at national and local levels, to coordinate, implement, monitor and promote anti-discrimination policies in Serbia, in line with EU standards and best practice.

Direct assistance will be provided through three components:

Component  I:  Support  to the Office for Human and Minority Rights

  • Conducting training needs analysis and delivering comprehensive training programmes on anti-discrimination to the Office for Human and Minority Rights, CPE and representatives of relevant public institutions at national and local level, the judiciary, police force and CSO sector;
  • Developing preventative and promotional measures related to antidiscrimination at local level, based on adopted local action plans and best practices from EU Member States;
  • Support piloting of anti-discrimination measures at local level;

Component II: Support to the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality

  • Preparing recommendations for CPE’s institutional, capacity and organizational settings and developing standardized procedures for the efficient work of the CPE;
  • Providing on the job trainings for the CPE staff on application of standardized procedures;
  • Monitoring of the implementation of Anti-discrimination Law;
  • Develop training manual for CSOs for the provision of support to vulnerable groups on legal assistance in antidiscrimination cases;
  • Assessment of legislative and strategic needs in the area of combating discrimination,  including  legislative  analysis,  analysis  of comparative solutions and assessment of compliance with EU secondary legislations;
  • Develop recommendations for legislative changes and policy developments in the field of anti-discrimination.

Component III: Public awareness activities

  • Conducting  public opinion surveys on discrimination in Serbia;
  • Preparing and implementing project awareness raising campaign;
  • Developing and implementing communications strategy for the promotion of antidiscrimination policies;
  • Design and implement trainings for media representatives on antidiscrimination policies and ethical reporting.

For more information about this project, please contact EPTISA’s Regional Office for Southeast Europe at: