Donor: EU – IPA
Budget: 2,443,480 €

Project Description:

The main objective of the Project is to contribute to enhancement of traffic flows on Corridor X and to improve environmental and safety conditions of the Serbian road transport network in line with EU standards. The tunnels to be supervised are part of the important motorway from Grabovnica to Levosoje, about 74 km in total.

The Project comprises the supervision of the two distinct work lots, namely:

  • LOT 3 – Tunnel Predejane: 1,112 m long, designed with two separate tunnel tubes each for one traffic direction. Center-to-center spacing of tunnel tubes is variable and ranges from 35 m (in the portal area) to maximum of 65 m; and
  • LOT 4 – Tunnel Manajle: 1,804 m, composed of two tunnel tubes (one tube for each direction) distanced 30 – 35 m. The right tube length is L= 1,800 m and the left tube length L= 1,808 m.

Specific activities carried out by Eptisa include:

  • Supervision of motorway construction works on the E-75 motorway Corridor X (Grdelica – Vladicin Han section) tunnel Predajene and tunnel Manajle, in accordance with national and professional standards carried out successfully;
  • Supervision of Environmental Management Plan implementation during construction works on motorway E75 (Grabovnica – Levosoje) and E80 (Prosek – Dimitrovgrad);
  • Carrying out inspection and testing of any materials and/or manufactured products that are to be used in the construction;
  • Evaluating and advising KS about all the Contractor’s claims Issuance of variation orders and advising on any claims or contractual problem;
  • Advising and assisting KS during the Defects Liability and/or Equipment Warranty periods in all necessary procedures.

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