Client: EU
Budget: 2,098,785 €

The project objective is to provide Technical Assistance for an adequate implantation of the Biodiversity Sustainable Conservation Support Program (PACSBio). The aim of the program is to enable biodiversity conservation and the sustainable development in Bolivia, thus supporting the Bolivian policies, in conformity with the Protected Areas (PAs), developed under the Protected Areas National System (PANS).

The project targets are as follows:

  • Provide an external technical assistance for the institutional and programmatic reinforcement of the Environment, Biodiversity, Climatic Changes and Forests Development Management Vice Ministry (EVM) and of the Protected Area National Service (PANSER), as institutions in charge of the Protected Areas National System management, especially in regards with the PACSBio implantation;
  • Provide technical assistance, in key areas, to the EVM and the PANSER, in order to achieve the objectives and results stipulated in the Financing Agreement.