Donor: EU – IPA 2007
Budget: 1,000,000 EUR

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project is to develop and implement strategies and policies for a market based energy system in compliance with acquis communautaire and requirements of the Energy Community Treaty (EnCT).

The purpose of this contract is to strengthen the institutional capacity of Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM) on implementing the Energy Strategy of Kosovo and requirements of the EnCT with specific attention to strategic environmental assessment, and gender and minority inclusion.

Types of services provided within the project include:

  • Institutional Strengthening of the MEM in implementing the Energy Strategy and requirements of the Energy Community Treaty;
  • Updating of the Energy Strategy and implementation programme as required by the Law on Energy;
  • Advising on private sector participation in the sector in the form of privatisation/concessions;
  • Developing policies on electricity and district heating tariffs and affordability;
  • Developing policies and action plans for promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, including municipal energy saving plans;
  • Production of leaflets and manuals for the promotion of energy savings, including a list of practical steps to reduce energy consumption in SMEs and industry;
  • Preparing annual energy balance and long-term energy forecasts;
  • Preparing criteria for further market opening;
  • Implementing requirements set in the Electricity/Gas Roadmaps and other position papers as required by the EnCT;
  • Preparing relevant reports on request of the Energy Community Secretariat; and
  • Training needs analysis, training, workshop and roundtable plans, delivering of trainings and organisation of study tours for target energy institutions.

For details about the project specific tasks and activities, you can contact our office at: