Donor: EU – CARDS
Budget: € 498,900

Project Description:

The overall objective of the project was to assist the Kosovo Trust Agency (KTA) to undertake corporate restructuring of seven regional wastes and three irrigation Publicly Owned Enterprises, in preparation for the economic market deregulation and to prepare for outside financing.

The activities of the project included:

  • Provision of pre/post training to raise the awareness of the incorporation process and requirements in the management of the enterprises;
  • Verification of the status of the assets of each enterprise, as well as preparation of closing financial statements and opening balances of the corporate entities;
  • Assessment, development and implementation the required Incorporation Plans (including Strategic and Business Plans);
  • Elaboration of the necessary documentation;
  • Carrying out the registration of the companies and the registration of the KTA as a sole owner of new created corporations; and
  • Improvement and extension of the use of Management Accounting and Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems.