Donor: EU
Budget: 2,491,000 €

Project Description:

The project is designed to improve social and economic infrastructure in municipalities throughout Kosovo, to provide improved conditions and better facilities to residents, and to support the implementation of the Decentralisation. These objectives shall be achieved by the successful implementation of small to medium infrastructure projects, capacity building and training of staff in the municipalities. The infrastructure projects will have to meet criteria relating to matters such as numbers of resident affected, expected levels of increase in service provision, environmental issues, gender and ethnic minorities, integration, the returnee programme, etc. The project beneficiaries are the Ministry of Local Government Administration and selected Municipalities in Kosovo.

The specific objectives achieved by the project include:

  • Development of an applicable Methodology for the selection of Municipality projects;
  • Municipal staff familiarised with the programme, the tender procedures and capable to identify, design and implement social infrastructure projects;
  • Detailed design documents prepared for the successful projects in accordance with the prevailing EU design/construction standards, including technical specification and bill of quantities for works contracts;
  • Improved social infrastructure at the Municipal level;
  • Awareness of the general public concerning the programme and it’s positive impact;
  • On-the-job skills transfer at municipal level through project development and implementation;
  • Improved cooperation between municipalities and relevant Ministries and ensure fully functioning Steering Committee;
  • Completed design and tender documents for the selected projects to agreed budget, time and quality;
  • Facilitated Completion of Works Contracts through effective Supervision;
  • Handover and final acceptance of the facilities undertaken including all required technical documents and certificates;
  • Prepared model service contract (private or public) to support municipalities in operation and maintenance of the project facilities;
  • Provided monitoring and evaluation information in a regular basis.

For detailed information about the project you can contact Mr. Dragan Kostadinov, Head of Infrastructure Department, Eptisa Regional Office for SEE, at: