Client: MESP
Budget: 89,980 €

Project Description:

The project will provide capacity building activities to staff of the MESP, Kosovo Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) and its inspectorates and will include the provision of Technical Assistance in the review process of EIA, the permit approval process and permit compliance monitoring, including monitoring requirements at the power plant and mines. Furthermore, the assignment will include a study tour to a well established monitoring and enforcement agency in charge of monitoring compliance and inspection of coal-fired power plants and possibly lignite mines.

The project is divided into three main tasks:

  1. Task 1: Support to the MESP and KEPA to strengthen the EIA and permit application process for power plants and open cast mines;
  2. Task 2: Strengthening the inspection system to monitor the compliance with the permit condition;
  3. Task 3: Organisation and implementation of a study tour to a country with coal fired power plants.

Types of services include:

  1. Institutional strengthening and capacity building to the MESP, KEPA and its inspectorate;
  2. Review the legislative, administrative and technical measures related to the EIA and Inspection for coal-fired plants and their de-commissioning, as well as for the open cast mines;
  3. Activities related to implementing IPPC in a new EU Member State and Directive 2010/27/UE on industrial emissions and strengthening the capacity of the MESP and KEPA to evaluate the BAT;
  4. Preparation of technical guidance notes for application, review and approval process for EIAs and permits for the energy sector;
  5. Provision of training and information dissemination on structure of EIAs for lignite fired power plants and examples of such EIAs, including discussion on the key environmental impacts of lignite fired power plants;
  6. Proposition of an operational system to the MESP and KEPA for carrying out the screening procedures while implementing the EIA directives in the coal-fired power plants and open cast mines’ sectors;
  7. Proposition of methods to verify the impact on soil, water, air, habitats/species that will be submitted in the EIAs and environmental permit for the power plants and open pit mine;
  8. Organisation and implementation of a study tour;
  9. Project management and backstopping.