water sector bih 01This new assignment, financed by the European Union, will contribute to the development of administrative and technical capacities in the field of water management, in line with the EU acquis on environment and with several relevant international conventions and treaties.

The depletion and pollution of water remains one of the most serious problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country lacks adequate water supply infrastructure and has an insufficient quantity of guaranteed water supply per capita, in comparison with the international standards. The management of water resources, the protection and conservation of water, and the development of water related services continue to be rather weak, producing serious environmental problems.

In order to comply with the EU water-related Directives (primarily with the Water Framework Directive), with the International Convention for the Protection of Danube River, with the Sava Framework Agreement, and with the Mediterranean Action Plan, the authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently undertaking significant developments and reforms. The implementation of the Water Framework Directive, currently on-going in the country, is fully supported by the EU and its Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.

water sector bih 02The project “Capacity Building in the Water Sector”, recently awarded to EPTISA, is funded by the European Union and managed by the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The allocated budget for the project is 2,351,000 EUR.

The intervention will focus on supporting the transposition and implementation of EU water-related Directives and on the enhancement of the water resources management in the Sava River basin, enabling the designated authorities to prepare a full River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) in line with the local legislation, with the EU acquis on environment, and with several relevant international conventions and treaties.

water sector bih 03For the next 24 months, a team of local and international experts managed by EPTISA will provide technical assistance in the transposition and implementation of EU water-related Directives and in the preparation of Sava RBMP. The technical assistance will also comprise the preparation of a Water Tariff Policy Framework that will ensure a consistent tariff setting process, the development of a long-term capacity building plan for the various institutions responsible for river basin management, the review and updating of other RBMPs in the country, and the upgrading of the water information system in place.

EPTISA has a lot of experience in the water management sector. Our teams have implemented a wide range of projects worldwide, but devoting special attention to the Eastern European region and, more specifically, to Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a result, we have developed an excellent understanding of all the requirements of the very demanding European standards in the sector and we are very well acquainted with the current situation in the field of water management in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more information about this project please contact EPTISA Regional Office for Southeast Europe at eptisasee@eptisa.com.