macedonia-water-refThe newly awarded project to EPTISA Southeast Europe d.o.o, funded by the European Union and managed by the Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) aims at preparation of a National Water Study as a package of instruments for future development of sustainable water investment projects in order to implement requirements of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) and Drinking Water Directive.

In the next eighteen months, EPTISA will provide a technical support to the Macedonian Government, specifically the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Ministry of Transport and Communication that will focus on developing of planning framework for implementation of national and EU requirements for water supply, collection and treatment of waste water in the beneficiary country as well as developing of institutional capacities of infrastructure projects planning, preparation, implementation, supervision and monitoring on central and local level.

Project results will be achieved through:

  • Preparation of Institutional Development Plan;
  • Development of Water Supply and Waste Water Collection and Treatment Policy;
  • Preparation of Report on Identified Agglomerations and Sensitive Areas;
  • Development of Directive Specific Implementation Plans for UWWTD and Drinking Water Directive;
  • Development of Strategic Framework for Sludge Management;
  • Development of Programme for Water Supply and Waste Water Collection and Treatment;
  • Preparation of Procedure for preparation, contracting, implementation and supervision of investment projects in water sector;
  • Capacity and Capability Building Programme for Investment Management on Central and Local Level; and
  • Development of Manual for municipalities for investment projects management in order to implement the Programme for Water Supply and Waste Water Collection and Treatment.

For more information about this project, please contact Mr. Andreja Todosijevic, Country Manager for Macedonia at: