The new water supply connections and upgraded sewerage and new treatment facilities, with a capacity of 17,000 PE and tertiary treatment, will serve the population of Županja Municipality, leading to a more efficient protection of the water resources in the area

wwtp-zupanjaThe contract for the supervision during the reconstruction and upgrade of a sewerage system in Županja, construction of  a new sewerage system in Štitar, the construction of new water supply connections in Štitar, and construction of the new wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Županja has recently been awarded to the consortium where EPTISA acts as FIDIC advisor. The new project is co-financed by the European Union and the Croatian government, within the Operational Programme Environment 2007-2013. The Employer is the water utility company Komunalac d.o.o.

Thanks to this new assignment, EPTISA will contribute to securing a sound management and a successful implementation of all the investment measures, leading to a more efficient protection of the water resources in the area of Županja.

EPTISA’s team will act as a principal FIDIC advisor to the supervision engineers where all works are contracted under FIDIC Red Book (for the sewerage systems and water supply connections) and FIDIC Yellow Book (for the WWTP) Conditions of Contract, as well as under the national regulations in the Republic of Croatia.

EPTISA ADRIA d.o.o. is the subsidiary of EPTISA in Croatia. The company established in April 2012, counts on a team of national engineers, project managers and other professionals that provide project management and backstopping support for several contracts under implementation.

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