alb-solid-waste-newsThe recently awarded project to EPTISA, Technical Assistance for Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems for selected cities/region of Albania, funded by the European Union and managed by the Department for Contracting and Financing of EU Programmes (CFCU) aims to support the sustainable development of the country via improved environmental and climate change requirements and management by enabling Government Institutions to develop, implement and enforce environmental and climate change legislation to EU standards.

Over the next 30 months Eptisa will provide the following scope of services:

  • Mapping of the present situation, based on needs and existing infrastructure, and identification of the two Municipalities;
    • Review and evaluation of available studies, reports and other documents relevant for the project preparation;
    • Survey of the legal framework and standards for waste management in Albania, critical assessment in view of the EU legislation and appropriateness of technical standards with regard to costs and environmental aspects, especially the landfill regulation/code and the EIA requirements;
  • Development of an Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for the two Municipalities selected in compliance with National Waste Strategy and Plan;
    • Preparation of feasibility studies and preliminary designs for modern waste facilities;
    • Site investigation and selection of an appropriate waste facility site;
    • ISWM Report and Project Planning Workshop;
    • Feasibility Study for modern waste facility (presentation of the project measures and technical design based on the problem analysis, presentation of organizational concept – determination of an adequate, efficient, and capable organizational model for the operation of the waste facilities, presentation of implementation and operation concepts, cost estimates, financing scheme and financial analysis, socio-economic assessment, risk analysis, identification of necessary supportive measures during project implementation, support of SWM unit during the EIA procedure, elaboration of the Feasibility Study and EIA Report);
  • Capacity Building for the stakeholders of the ISWM;
  • Activities for starting implementation of the IWSM and Public awareness;